Out Now! AB6IX ABSOLUTE 6IX Album Download 2021

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AB6IX ABSOLUTE 6IX zip, AB6IX has dropped a brand new music album titled AB6IX ABSOLUTE 6IX zip album download and you can download full album AB6IX ABSOLUTE 6IX Zip Download right below.
DOWNLOAD ALBUM HERE:- https://www.hasitmusic.com/download-ab6ix-absolute-6ix-album-zip/
DOWNLOAD ALBUM HERE:- https://www.hasitmusic.com/download-ab6ix-absolute-6ix-album-zip/

Album Tracklist :

1. BREATHE -Japanese ver.-
2. CHERRY -Japanese ver.-
3. CLOSE -Japanese ver.-
4. HOLLYWOOD -English ver.-
5. SHINING STARS -Japanese ver.-

AB6IX are making their official Japanese debut with ‘ABSOLUTE 6IX’.On November 24, the group’s label Brand New Music announced they would be making their Japanese debut with their mini album ‘ABSOLUTE 6IX’. Though AB6IX have been active in Japan by promoting at festivals and more, this will mark their official debut. ‘ABSOLUTE 6IX’ includes their title song “BREATHE” and 3 other tracks.
In related news, AB6IX are holding their debut live YouTube broadcast on November 24 at 10PM KST.

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