[Full Album] Chris King – MUCUS Zip Album Download

DWQA Questions[Full Album] Chris King – MUCUS Zip Album Download
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On “Ghost,” Trippie Redd and long time friend Chris King team up to rap about luxurious cars, drugs, and women. “Ghost” refers to Trippie’s Rolls-Royce Ghost, a British full-size luxury car from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. He’s previously rapped about this car in many of his other tracks, most notably on his June 2018 track, “Ghost Busters.”
DOWNLOAD ALBUM HERE:- https://bit.ly/chris-king-mucus-album-zip

Album Tracklist :

1. Mucus
2. Running Man!
3. Peta (Ghost) ft. Trippie Redd
4. Million $ Rings ft. Quavo, Trippie Redd
5. 2Hot2Handle!
6. Tyson Fury (FootOnTheGas)
7. Arcade!
8. Svicide Bomber
9. Regurgitated!
10. Deep! ft. MexikoDro
11. KING of the HILLS ft. Trippie Redd
12. Don’t Leave Me Alone
13. Down 4 Long! ft. TyFontaine
14. Cindy Crawford ft. AllStar Lee, Louie Ray
15. Speedy Gonzeles!
16. Orchids! ft. Lancey Foux
17. Bottega Venetta!
18. Word Of Mouf!
19. Handle My Business
20. Everybody Ain’t Gang!

This track was first previewed on Jan 3, 2020, on Trippie’s Instagram livestream, supposedly one day after being recorded. The track leaked fully online on April 13.
The song’s instrumental, produced by Pi’erre Bourne, is the same beat as an unreleased track by Playboi Carti track dubbed “Mad.”

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