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Download Mp3 @ Devin Townsend The Puzzle Album [Zip File] Download Zip The Puzzle by Devin Townsend, Devin Townsend shares new 20 tracks, of album project titled “The Puzzle” and is here for your easy & fast download. (Mp3–320kbps / Includes unlimited streaming via iTunes Plus high-quality download in FLAC AAC M4A CDQ Descarger torrent ZippyShare mp3-direct).



Full Album: The Puzzle by Devin Townsend song free download is out now on toryextra listen/share with friends.
In the first episode of the documentary series, Devin lays out what led to the creation of The Puzzle, namely his search for a new creative direction at the dawn of the pandemic and his difficulties zeroing in on what kind of art he should be making during that time. Give it a watch below, along with previously released teasers of both The Puzzle and Snuggles.
Album Tracklist :
1. Chromatic Ridge
2. Life Is But A Dream
3. Yucky Lung
4. Kittenhead
5. Shark In The Ice
6. Devil In The Details
7. Hammerhead Sugarplum
8. Me And The Moon
9. Murmurs In The Grid
10. The Yugas
11. Albert Hall
12. StarChasm
13. Perfect Owl
14. Maybe Over The Void
15. Light Year Whale
16. FrogFlowers
17. Mother
18. Southern Sky Geometry
19. The Puzzle
20. Monuments Of Glitch
Devin Townsend’s online team have checked in with the following update:
“You may be aware already that the ongoing pandemic has caused global disruptions in the supply of raw materials such as paper and plastics, and unfortunately, this has also affected our production of The Puzzle box sets, vinyl, and CDs. This means that we now have to delay the release of The Puzzle and Snuggles by two weeks which makes the new release date October 22nd instead of October 8th.
The coloured vinyl, which was already announced to become available later on, is expected to hit our warehouses sometime mid-November. We will do our very best to send out all product orders as soon as possible.”
Check out the audio teasers for The Puzzle and Suggles below.

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