Download Leak : Neil Young & Crazy Horse Barn Album (Zip File)

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 Download Leak : Neil Young & Crazy Horse Barn Album (Zip File) Dear friends, here is the new album of Neil Young & Crazy Horse for you whose name is Barn is available here for free.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have announced that their new album Barn will be out in December. “Barn is very special,” Young wrote to fans on the Neil Young Archives. “It rock. It rolls…I wish it was out now. It’s got songs that are part of these times.”
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He has yet to release any songs from Barn to the general public, but subscribers to the Neil Young Archives were given a chance to stream the tune “Song of the Seasons” today. According to information on the site, it was recorded “high in the Rockies” on June 21st, 2021 via the Le Mobile Recording Studio.
“This is the first track of Barn, our new album with Crazy Horse,” Young wrote to fans. “It’s the oldest song on the record, written about this time last year.”
Album Tracklist :
1. Song of the Seasons
2. Heading West
3. Change Ain’t Never Gonna
4. Canerican
5. Shape of You
6. They Might Be Lost
7. Human Race
8. Tumblin’ Thru the Years
9. Welcome Back
10. Don’t Forget Love

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